3 Ways To Get The Book

Get a copy of the book for as little as $6!

We typically sale Running Is Totally For Me just from Amazon.

However, to support others with having their kids home right now we are having some deals!

Pair reading the book with the free movement songs and downloadable acitivites for some fun!

Choose which option you want to take advatage of below.

Porch Delivery

For those who live in the Tulsa area you can get the book delivered to your porch for $6.

Mailed To You

For those who want the book at a discount you can order it from us mailed to you at $8.

From Amazon

For those who want to order it from Amazon you can get it for the regular price of $9.99.

Get the book dropped off

“ I love that this is an empowering book for children to learn that they are unique.”

Megan W.

“I am always looking for ways to encourage healthy living and this book is perfect.”

Tomi S.